Viral art by non-street artists/graffiti writers

Viral art does not have to be made by street artists or graffiti writers. That overlap is my main interest and focus because I’m coming to viral art as a fan of street art and I would love to see more street artists and graffiti writers treating the internet like a public space. It seems to me like a logical progression for street art and graffiti, and a way to keep it relevant in an increasingly digital world. But most online viral art / art for the Bored at Work Network isn’t made by people with a background in street art or graffiti. It’s just people doing work in an environment that seems natural to them in the same way that a street artist might see walls as a natural place to display their art. Here are just a few examples of artists doing viral art who have (to my knowledge) no background in graffiti or street art. These artists are only a very small sampling of a new generation of internet art that isn’t so inaccessible both in its concept and its distribution.

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