But maybe the internet isn’t so great

As I’ve spoken with friends about the themes of this book, I’ve come up against a lot of criticism from people who don’t like idea of looking at street art or graffiti online or of glorifying that activity. And I don’t mean only to glorify it, but it’s the way we live now, so I’ve tried to examine it. I think the internet has done a lot of good for street art, and much of the most interesting street and and graffiti that I see online or otherwise takes advantage of the internet in some way. That said, there are criticisms of street art and graffiti’s relationships with the internet that must be addressed. Some people see the internet as a massive cheat, facilitating the rise of artists who have not put in their dues on the street and who do not really believe in giving art to the people. Others are frustrated with street art that’s done solely to get a photograph that can be posted online. Still others miss the local styles and variations that seem to disappear when work from around the world is available on the internet. Almost everyone argues that the viewing experience is subpar or at least much different from seeing street art or graffiti on the street. Even most of those who criticize the internet have, perhaps begrudgingly, hopped on the bandwagon eventually, but that does not mean that their critiques are entirely without merit. Nothing’s perfect and only good.

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