Conclusion on ad takeovers

The internet has also allowed for a situation where ad takeovers no longer disappear as soon as they are discovered and replaced with fresh advertisements. Instead, they have a lasting life, perhaps reaching more people through photographs than they do while they are still “live.” The short lifespan of these works hardly matters anymore, because each one is seen by so many that the message carries on and inspires other similar actions. While the act of removing the ad still matters, that anyone actually noticed it on the street or not really doesn’t, since people will see it online. This new life doesn’t just preserve interesting art work or act as encouragement for artists to put more time into their short-lived takeovers, it seems to inspire more of it. The contemporary popularity of ad takeovers is a result of the internet making them more well-known and worthwhile to make, with each takeover potentially having a global ripple effect.

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