Conclusion on organic viral art

Whether or not the artists making organic viral art online have a background in street art or graffiti, many of them are taking to the internet like street artists have taken to the street, using it as a public space where art can be shared freely and discovered unexpectedly. As our eyeballs shift from our physical surroundings to digital ones, it makes perfect sense that artists would try to move with their audience. Organic viral artworks are the first artworks described in this book that are truly native to the global track.

The internet is the future of (some) public art, and a place where the goals of open access to art that the street art and graffiti communities have represented are more within our reach than ever before. But organic viral art is only the first step in emulating the street art and graffiti practices online. It’s invasive viral art that really takes things all the way in emulating what happens on the street.

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